Behind The Scenes: Kira Sabin

Today we go behind the scenes with the awesome Kira Sabin and discover how finding her voice helped her business grow.

Name: Kira Sabin

Where in the world are you: Madison, Wisconsin (America’s Dairyland)

Where’s your favorite place to hang online?

Because of the biz, I do spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram, however, I do spend an embarrassing amount on Buzzfeed. I get sucked in every time.

What inspired you/kicked your ass into going full-time with your coaching business?

I realized early on that I absolutely had a passion for having the bigger conversations about love and was good at it. However, I also really sucked working for other people. The part-time work that I didn’t like motivated me to hustle in my business.

What was the biggest obstacle holding you back from growing your business?

I feel like the obstacles have changed over the years. Everything from logistics to mindset. But I think the biggest growth has happened as I have found my voice in my brand and got clear on how to make the abstract of my business (finding love) into tangibles.

Why did you sign up with Satori? What benefits have you seen?

I just needed to streamline my new client process. Appointments, invoices and documents were getting lost via email. This really helped me organize that whole process so I had more time for coaching.

What’s been your best source of getting new clients?

I wish I felt like there was one identifiable source, but I just don’t. I feel that it is an ongoing process of guest blogging/podcasts, building trust through emails and my podcast and fresh marketing ideas like worldwide scavenger hunts.

What’s your most popular service?

My online membership group The League of Adventurous Singles. One part smart conversations about love and one part getting out of your comfort zone to build confidence and meet new people.

What would your perfect day look like?

Probably being in one of my favorite places (Italy, Greece, Costa Rica) and a day filled with ocean, friends, great food, wine and a little bit of coaching.. .because I love talking about love :)

Kira Sabin is a certified life coach, troop leader of love for League of Adventurous Singles, Huffpo blogger, speaker, cheese lover, adventurer, podcaster, story collector, seven layers of ridiculous and your new best friend.