Behind The Scenes: Sas Petherick

Today we go behind the scenes with cognitive coach Sas Petherick and tells us how sharing her own story has helped her grow her coaching practice.

Name: Sas Petherick

Where in the world are you: In the woods in Berkshire, England

Where’s your favorite place to hang online?

The comments section of my blog (I have the awesomest readers) and I do loves me some Instagram

What inspired you/kicked your ass into going full-time with your coaching business?

I built my coaching practice up while I was working full-time as a six-figure Corporateer. After about a year I negotiated a 4 day week and managed to somehow keep many balls in the air for almost 18 months before having a big ugly snot-filled overwhelmy meltdown one Sunday afternoon. Mr P and I decided it was time.

What was the biggest obstacle holding you back from growing your business?

*adopts movie voice-over voice* In a world.. where there are a squillion coaches, the biggest obstacle was really believing that I was offering something original and thoughtful that would help my clients.

Why did you sign up with Satori? What benefits have you seen?

I love that it is specifically for coaches – and it does everything very very well. I have saved thousands of pounds in all the admin I am not doing! I love how Satori just makes the whole sign-up process easy for clients – they get to choose the session times to suit them and they get the session reminders and invoices on time. I’ts brilliant.

What’s been your best source of getting new clients?

Without a doubt, its been sharing my own story on my blog. I know when I’m looking for support or help from someone, I don’t choose the person with the shiniest website – I look for someone I connect with. I think my coaching clients feel the same.

What’s your most popular service?

My 1:1 coaching spots have been booked out consistently for the last two years which blows my mind!

What would your perfect day look like?

If there is a way of combining waking up at the beach, meeting an elephant, a few hours in the Bodleian Library, and fish tacos, I’m in :)

Sas Petherick is a Certified Martha Beck Coach. Shes specializes in Cognitive Coaching and has helped hundreds of women to change how they think and feel about their lives. You can check out what it’s like to coach with her right here.