Kate Swoboda on Authentic Marketing

We had a fab discussion with our friend Kate Swoboda from Your Courageous Life on why coaches often struggle with marketing and how to create a compelling and authentic message that resonates with your audience. Kate’s a fabulous coach and teacher who is rocking out on her terms. So much good stuff, here. Really loved this conversation.

“There’s a difference between working hard and showing up.” tweet this

In this interview

  • Kate’s definition of courage
  • Why coaches often struggle with marketing
  • How to talk about your value in the marketplace
  • How to create resonance with your ideal clients
  • Why inspiration is not enough
  • The value of walking your talk
  • Three aspects of a powerfully attractive message
  • How important is a niche, really?
  • At what point should you diversify your revenue?
  • The challenge with courses and why info products can work better.
  • How long does it take to start making money from a product?

Mentioned in this episode

Who is Kate?

Kate is a writer, speaker and life coach who stands for righteous integrity and ferocious love, all in service to living life on your own terms and being a force for good. She’s the creator of The Coaching Blueprint, a complete program for life coaches who want to create fulfilling and successful practices.

The Coaching Blueprint

Coaching Blueprint.com is launching today! It’s is the next evolution of Kate’s brilliant program for coaches who want to create fulfilling and successful practices on their own terms. Check it out, yo!

  • mandywintink

    This was great everyone! Thanks for sharing! I run a coach training program and will also share this with my coaches! Wonderful. XOXO

    • satoriapp

      Awesome. Thanks a bunch, Mandy. Really appreciate the share! :)

  • http://EuphoricRoots.com/ Cheryl Bigus

    Thank you so much, Lach, Forest and Kate. I especially like that you touched on the emotional aspects of solopreneurs needing support and coaching.

    • satoriapp

      Totes. Everything ultimately comes back to that emotional, self-management stuff, doesn’t it? Thanks a bunch, Cheryl.

  • Tim May

    Lach and Forest what a very clean and professional video/interview. Thank you for sharing this interview with me. There were a lot of powerful words (courageous, integrity, love, no BS, inspiration) that really spoke to my heart. I felt inspired to really stay engaged in my process of coaching business development as a result of this interview. Thank you Kate for validating my core belief that authentic integrity really does win the day.

    • satoriapp

      Thanks so much for sharing, Tim. Thrilled that you found it worth while.

  • http://www.kdmcmillan.com/ Karen McMillan

    Thank you Lach and Forest for bringing satori to us with Kate. Feels good and makes so much sense. Much of this is what I share with my clients around fear and courage. So much else is what I will share with them. You three ROCK! Nice complement to the service I already love! <3

    • satoriapp

      Much appreciated, as always, Karen :)

  • http://www.kdmcmillan.com/ Karen McMillan

    p.s. Lach, also thought I’d mention that this page is lovely – as is all you do with Satori. Felt good not salesy to attend this event. Great the way you create community, offer service and market so seamlessly. Satori embodied <3

    • satoriapp

      Beautiful. Thanks so much for saying—and may I commend you on your impeccable taste!