Ten Ways Your Scheduler Could Change Your Life

Ten Ways Your Scheduler Could Change Your Life

You are excellent at what you do. Seriously, fantastic. We want you to spend all your time doing stuff that you adore and spending it with people you love. The only problem is that with the wrong tool you can spend hours doing admin work that could be passed off to robot butlers!

We straddle the line between part scheduler and part robot butler (with a cool bowtie) here at Satori since we’re more than just a scheduler, we’re your full client care suite! Regardless of who you choose, we recommend you getting a scheduler as soon as possible so you can start seeing the benefits!

Ten ways your scheduler can change your life:

1. Deeper connections – as coaches, the people in our lives are crucial for keeping us happy (and caffeinated). Scheduling that recurring coffee date with your pops or BFF is no big deal, your scheduler should integrate with your iCal or Google Calendar so that you can relax easy knowing your special time is sacred.

With Satori – pop it in your Google Calendar and we’ll schedule around it auto-magically!

2. Better health – working for yourself means more sitting and stress-eating (oh hello, lunch that’s oreos mashed up into ice cream covered in coffee, I didn’t see you there). Make time for gym and healthy meals by setting business hours that we’ll never schedule outside of. (Psss, check out this batch cooking 101 to free up even more time for aerial yoga!)

Satori peeps – your business hours are yours for the choosing! What will they be? Pop them into your availability and then book ALL THE THINGS you wanna do in your free time.

3. Less stress – OH NOES! Did you book two clients for the same time?! It was the timezones I tell ya! Your scheduler will take care of all things clients and timezones. WHEW.

On Satori? Don’t worry about double booking, timezone kerfuffles or missing appointments – we send you alerts if you’ve got a scheduling conflict so you can relax while at the pool. Have a mojito on us.

4. Kill off admin – marketing is what brings in more clients but you can’t get it done if you’re hog-tied in admin all day. Free up your success by handing off scheduling/rescheduling, contract signing, payments, questionnaires, pre-session agendas and sesssion alerts to us. We love it so you don’t have to.

Not on Satori yet? Grab your scheduler, HelloSign, TypeForm and Boomerang for Gmail to cobble together an admin solution.

5. Self-managing clients – your clients have busy lives that change constantly – crisis, sickness, winning lotto – all these are admin drains for you if they need to cancel/reschedule (with enough notice). Your scheduler should have a way for your clients to self-manage their sessions (bonus, if it gives them reminders about scheduling their sessions too).

You’re set. Satori does that and we also send you emails to let you know of the cancellations/rescheduling.

6. Stress-free sick time – winter is coming and with it the flu. Even though working from home is like working in a germ-free bubble, you will still get sick. A good scheduler will have a way for you to notify all your clients that you’re more phlegm than human and that all sessions are cancelled till next week.

If you’re using Satori, you can do that by creating an “active client” list in Aweber or MailChimp and then taking two seconds to make sure each package adds them to the list. 

7. Easy vacations – everyone talks about the freedom of working for yourself but let’s get real here for a second – it’s tough taking time off when you’re the boss, secretary, mailman, social media strategist and work love interest. Plan your vacations in advance with your scheduler and stick to them! You (and your business) need it, really. Really really. Your scheduler should allow for booking yourself out in the future.

Set your available work times during the rest of the year and then delete your time away, easy peasy, so you can have your vacation WHENEVER YOU WANT. Where are you going to go? Caribbean and coconuts or your couch and a good book?

8. More productivity – it can be hard to switch between the ten different hats of being a self-employed business owner so why not dedicate specific days to doing email, marketing, copywriting, sales, client calls? That way you’re not switching constantly between different tasks.

Think about creating dedicated days or weeks to working with clients so that you can increase your productivity like woah!

With our recurring availabilities and one-offs you can make the first and third week of every month client weeks or have clients on just Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Set your preference and get productive! 

9. Zen – make room in your life for your meditation practice (your clients will thank you for it). Book 15 minutes a day and feel that stress float away.

Satori users: you can either book meditation spots daily at a set time or have a 45 min buffer period between each client to allow for ultimate zen. 

10. More profit – the less time you spend doing admin the more time you could put towards making money thru clients or writing courses which are the money-makers of your business. Since your clients don’t need your smart brain to help them find times it’s important that you get this task off your plate as soon as possible.

With one URL you could free up four hours a week. Have your booking link in the bottom of your email signature and on your website and we’ll do the rest. 

What’s one way your scheduler has changed your life? We’d love to know.

Psst. You can have a free month of using our robot butler on us.